Monday, February 9, 2009

Video Keywords - What to do????

So if you've spent any time on YouTube and other video sharing sites, you've bound to come across a video or two that really suck but has 10 000 000 views. Well you guessed it, spammers, tricksters and keyword stuffers are making it impossible to find your videos. What can be done.

Well there are piles of ways to get your videos seen, or to even boost your view count without anybody seeing it at all. But I want to look at keywords because that something we can all do better and still sleep well at night.

There isn't much out there on video keywords specifically, tubemogul has done some analysis and have a tool to help you as part of their Pro package but I haven't seen it working. Google is in firm control of YouTube but the search on the site is still a mess. Everything depends on how fast your video gains views on keyword in an algorithm designed to create "internet sensations". We have videos that earn their 10 000+ views 200 at a time, day in day out. They never received awards, they never made a front page. Why should they now be short changed on its keywords?

Now I've read a lot about keywords. E-book after E-book. There was a day when things were easier, but now you basically have to bite the bullet and use the Google Keyword tool. Say goodbye to hours of your life looking at the best keywords for each every project, page and video post.

The books all say the smart thing to do is look at your competitors, how are they getting their stuff to the top of the pile. Lets look at a YouTube video:

Here are the metatags for Chad Vader's video:

This is a response to David After Dentist

Directed by
Matt Sloan
Aaron Yonda

Director of Photography
John Urban

Charley Brown
Check out his star wars video:
Category: Comedy
david after dentist chad vader

You gotta wonder if this kind of metatag is really helping them, they do have an already effective and popular show based on a character that will likely get them sued one day should they ever make any real money.

But what about the keywords. A search on YouTube for the keyword "dentist" gives them the number 2 spot out of some 600 000 returns. Yes they have the word in both the description and the tags, which is something you have to do. But if you look at the video's stats, this one is getting a real helping hand from the YouTube editors.

A search on Google doesn't return Chad's video at all in the first 100, or a web page about that video. In both cases Google is cashing in on the ad revenue to the right. You better believe those dentists are paying top dollar for those ads, meaning you need to get those ads on a page beside your dentist video.

Ok now I mentioned that I've read a lot of books on this. But there is only piece of that has every really impressed me in regards to keywords. It was $198...I didn't buy it. But now its inventor, Brad Callen has created a FREE web browser version that is more suited to the times and really helps Google Keyword Tool work a whole lot easier.

Basically the tool will allow you to look at the keywords been used to generate the ads for your competitors. Sound's like "out of the box thinking" I know, but really its obvious and not something I came up with. The tool will let you capture those keywords, put them in Google's keyword tool, and see all the info you need to know what to put into your video's tags and webpages to search optimize and maximize your ad return.

Brad did a demonstration video, go check it out.

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