Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tubemogul Owns Video Deployment and Analytics on the Web

So if you are a video producer trying to make a buck with online video, you need to stop reading this blog and immediately surf over to TubeMogul's Video staging and analytics service. There is simply not other way to stay on top of all the various video networks. Six months ago all video producers were visiting each site (from YouTube to Revver) counting up views by hand. Well close excel because TubeMogul has you covered.

So I'm sure you have two main questions, what does it do and how much does it cost. Well you'll be happy to know that their root service is free to use for any producer big or small. And those root services include:

- a staging area for you to upload your videos once before deploying them to up to 12 video sharing sites. You get 200 deployments a month.

- viewership tracking for shared videos by site, video or by groups of sites and videos. Graphical and chart reports.

- promotion options including <'embed> codes, bookmarking links, and direct link urls.

Its so amazing that you are likely asking yourself, "How do they make money?" And that is a concern for them as well. Longtime users of the site have seen some growing pains in recent months. The word on the street is that Tubemogul's bandwidth costs have ballooned and are growing. Responding to this huge challenge TubeMogul has reduced some of the services that it was offering for free, limiting publisher tracking to 5 sites on all free accounts. And has begun offering a premium service package for a base rate of $500/month.

What does $500/month get you? You'll get more of everything. More uploads, more deployments, more access to historical data, and more importantly more analytic tools . One tool that will be of great assistance to any internet marketer is TubeMogul's keyword analysis tool.

Keyword analysis is a cornerstone of web advertising and marketing, but in the world of online video its a total mystery. If you try to look up a niche topic on YouTube you can clearly see that the one thing Google hasn't gotten around to improving is the search capability of the site. While YouTube has just released their analytic data to users, TubeMogul will provide that data across an increasing group of sites. Hopefully TubeMogul's keyword tool will shed some light on how the search algorithm of each video site organizes its content.

If you are an average video producer out there, you probably can't justify the $500/month. But is well worth signing up for free account and being part of what will be the Nealson Ratings of the internet in the not to distant future.

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