Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Service Update: Revver

The aggregator of clicks which drives the reporting system on Revver.com, seems to still be behind by about 12 hours. Clicks have returned to normal, and view counts seem to reflect marketing efforts and measurable feed/site activities. Hopefully the clicks will catch up in the next few days. One other change, click that once generated $0.30 are now only getting $0.27 .

No comment about any of this has been posted on their blog. With the validity of reports so importent to advertisers, revver is likely trying to handle things quitely. As a poblisher and syndicator, the T-Cast Network is going to give them a few more days to sort it all out.


uncle_alex said...


Hey there, Alex from Revver here. While views are updated every few hours, clicks and earnings are only updated once every 24 hours - so the reason your clicks/earnings may seem behind is due to this difference in reporting increments.

Currently, the aggregators are all up to speed and reporting as scheduled, so later tonight when clicks/earnings from the last 24 hour period are added to your stats you'll be fully updated.

TopherX said...

Thanks for clearing that up Alex!

Rand said...

Love how the Revver team actually reaches out to it's members, very cool.

Marquisdejolie The Sun Conqueror said...

Cool....or scary?

Rand said...

Damage control maybe?