Saturday, April 14, 2007

Service Report: Revver

On April 10th T-Cast Editors contacted Revver support about inconsistencies in the new reporting system was tallying views and clicks. It is now April 14th and the validity of the reports are still in question. Revver's initial response explained the problem as such:

Couple of things here, all related to one bug that was causing duplicate views on videos over the last 24 hours. To fix the problem, we had to reset our view aggregators. Reset doesn't mean "started over," and you're not going to lose credit for any views. It just means recounted, so you're viewcount will be corrected of any duplicate views and should be back to normal by later tonight. If you haven't seen your viewcounts increased by tomorrow let us know.
The next day the reports where still changing and videos that where earning 1-2 clicks a day were still not reporting any earnings. So we continued our inquiry:
My reports still don't make any sense. The Summary says one clip downloaded more times than the total for the day according to the by month report.

Does this effect clicks for those days?
Revver's Response:
Due to the duplicate view bug, the events aggregator had to be re-run - which means that views and earnings (two different kinds of "events") had to be re-aggregated and displayed on the site. So your earnings were also recounted, which means they would have dropped and slowly built back up. The events aggregator is still catching up, but your earnings will be back to their previous levels by tomorrow.
Are video's are in fact earning again, and the reports are as expected except for April 10 where we had a 40% decline in views only. Completed views where as expected. We plan to follow up on Monday, but what we are seeing when we compare our other reporting tools (Feedburner and Google Analytics) is that no embedded video views have been counted for April 10. 100% of the views on that day came from our rss feed.

There are a number of outstanding issue's within Revver's automated reports. There is still no data that would assist in the syndication of videos for either the producer or the syndicator.

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