Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Featured Series: "Can We Do That?"

In “Can We Do That?“, the trio of Ski-ter, Cory and Charles own a production company that film edgy, extreme and hilarious tv commercials that have viewers scratching their heads asking “Can They Do That?” In real life, ironically, the three enjoy successful acting careers in commercials, television, and film making people ask “Where have I seen them before?”

This is a great show that really finds a place in the digital space. The episodes are short, punchy, and out right hilarious. The production shows good economy, and with only a few audio problems the series really shows how simple ideas can make compelling low cost video. The action and fight sequences are over the top, and the girl at the front of each episode, genius!

We're featuring one of the talky episodes from early in the series, check the rest out on ComedyCaster or visit their website at

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