Monday, March 26, 2007

Cost vs. Popularity

It might be possible to produce a small cheap video, have it go viral and become the next big talent on SNL or be bought out by Disney for millions, but that's hardly the basis for a business of any kind. So how do you afford to make something worth coming back to again and again, something you can monetize over and over again into a internet savvy business.

Now I should start by saying that we haven't totally succeed in many of our ideas. Some of the pieces aren't quite in place in relation revenue shared syndication, or are on the verge of developing, and we have our own challenges with start up capital for relatively risky production. But we are well on our way to building a sustainable production model.

The problem is one of scale. You need a lot of episodes downloaded a lot times. Lonelygirl15 is an obvious example. With 150 episodes downloaded millions of times, its easy to see why its so successful. It has simple sets and characters, posts regularly, and has just enough production value to make it watchable over a longer period of time.

So like them, you'll have to start producing episodes long before you really make any money, but you also need it to download a lot. This is where the T-Cast Network Channels come in. They are simple link lists of shows, and random clips, syndicated from file sharing sites like YouTube/Google, Revver, and AtomFilms. It will help bring the number of viewers you need to make your show successful, using an adwords/adsence traffic engine. In future postings we will detail how producers can monetize their show with other advertising services.

These service are in the infancy so patience is still needed, but having the content is half the battle so check out some shows already posted, see what others are doing. And let us know if you've seen any shows that aren't on our list, we'll post them, details are on the "Contact us" pages on each channel.

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